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A member of the Public Speakers Association (PSA), Craig Dubecki is on a mission to motivate and educate the world. Using his unique style born from years of experience teaching, coaching, and speaking as a Toastmaster, Craig inspires an easier and more enjoyable life for all. Whether it is his own handpicked topic or one which you have suggested, Craig loves to tell a story. Now get ready for the journey!


AHHHH!!! i can't take it anymore!!! I want to jump off this roller-coaster. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. It should never come to that but it does for many, and it did for me. Fortunately I found the strength to survive. And, I'm not afraid to share my story if it helps even just one person find a renewed belief in themselves! Here's the shortened seven minute speech (up to 45-minute keynote) on surviving your own mind and emotions!

The 91.5 "The Beat" interview, via SoundCloud.

The Human Machine:

How well are you taking care of your Human Machine? I thought I was rocking and then BAM! What the #@!% happened!??? Not ME! In this seven-minute shortened speech (up to a 45-minute keynote), I will explain what happened and how I was repaired when I was hit with open-heart surgery due to severe angina leading to a quadruple bypass and both lungs collapsing. Now I'm rock'in!!

The Human Body IS The Human Machine. It is more remarkable than any other item in the world. Craig presents a human discovery channel. Drawing comparisons to some of the most amazing engineering feats in history, he inspires a higher level of appreciation for our bodies. Craig details his own cardiac experience, and explains how The Human Machine, and in particular the heart, can be repaired. Emphasizing how Heredity, Genetics, Stress and Lifestyle contribute to how our bodies perform, Craig underlines the need for us to invest in our own Human Machine.

In Search Of A Hero:

We all need inspiration and motivation. "In Search Of A Hero" draws from Hollywood, the Civil Rights Movement, childhood, women and men throughout history, sports, and our own lives to uncover the true definition of what a Hero is. Craig reminds us how our own actions are often perceived as inspirational and heroic to others, in particular to children. Craig also shares his personal experience of when inspiration was most needed in his life. The Pay It Forward mindset is also touched on.

Tell Me Your Story:

“You should write a book!” Have you ever been told that by someone? Or have you thought it to yourself? Writing a book is a huge but attainable dream for many. But how and where do you start to put your thoughts on paper in order to create a novel? "Tell Me Your Story" takes you through ways of practicing and honing your writing skills, to forming a concept and writing your book. Craig will ensure that you know what it will personally take for you to finally take those steps towards becoming a writer and author.

Reading with ET:

Do you have difficulty reading? Does someone you know? It is easy to take the ability to read for granted. Many people suffer with double-vision, missing letters and/or skipping over words and sentences. Roughly ten percent of all children struggle with their reading due to a virtually publicly unknown eye challenge called “Eye Teaming” or “Convergence Insufficiency” (C.I.). Many carry these challenges into adulthood and believe that their struggle is just the way it is. Craig details the symptoms, frustrations and, most importantly, the solutions to C.I. and Eye Teaming.

Doors Of Opportunity:

Doors of Opportunity will present themselves to you throughout you entire life. Do you see them? Do you slam the door shut on them too quickly? There are certain human fears that we must be aware of and overcome to take full advantage of each and every opportunity. I do this speech solo but sometimes also with my partner Doug Dane. It's a great motivational 30+ minutes that can be designed for both students and the business world.


So, You Just Want To Be A Rock Star

"So, You Just Want To Be A Rock Star" is an adventurous and inspiring story based on the early decisions in life and the paths and repercussions that stem from them.

Not all paths in life are easy or fair. Recognizing music as the constant, the reader identifies with the main character as an inspiration for their own life. Writing in the same manner as when he gives a speech, Craig takes you on a journey from start to finish.

Partial proceeds from the sale of each book will go to one of three charities. Donations will be posted on this site. 

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